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Data Security

X-Data Secure

At Com-X we work with customers to successfully secure data without slowing users down, and enable companies to use a governance program that works throughout the content lifecycle, from the day it is created to the day it is deleted.

Managed Cloud Services

A Managed Cloud Service allows businesses to fully utilise Cloud computing without having to manage all the software, data and security in-house.

Team Com-X - Applied Network Solutions Blackberry Cylance

Cylance Services - NEXT GENERATION SECURITY - Blackberry

At Com-X we work closely with BlackBerry Cylance to provide our customers with the most advanced malware and threat prevention technology available.

Data Security | Powered by Egnyte

If you run a business of any kind, it’s important to have a good Data Security system in place so that you can share files safely throughout your organisation.
With security threats becoming more and more advanced, it can be difficult to know what approach to take when it comes to protecting your company data. The data consultants at Com-X are experts at data security for businesses and can work with you to provide the ultimate protection.

Our file collaboration engine (powered by Egnyte) allows users to collaborate securely, simply and more efficiently regardless of location or device. Egnyte’s technology is some of the most advanced in the industry, providing ultimate protection whether you’re sharing documents with co-workers or external parties.

Team ComX Data Security

What is Data Security?

Data Security is a broad term that refers to the protection of digital data from unauthorised access, a cyberattack or data breach.
Every business deals with data in some capacity. Whether you’re protecting sensitive information, exciting new product reveals or simply a database of contacts, data security needs to be a priority.

There are a range of data security solutions that can be used to protect your information depending on what kind of security you require. The Com-X data consultants use an advanced system powered by Egnyte that utilises a range of security and encryption techniques for the ultimate protection.

Team comX Data Security

Advanced Data Protection for Businesses

Our Data Security and Protection service is highly advanced, providing the ultimate protection for businesses.

Egnyte’s system uses encryption techniques on all data including:

  • Uploads
  • Downloads
  • Browsing
  • Passwords

This advanced encryption means that your data cannot be hacked or intercepted, and your browser becomes as safe as completing a banking transaction.

Team ComX Data Security
  • Native support for major design files such as Archicad, AutoCad, Revit, Photoshop
  • Allows businesses to consolidate their data into 1 location
  • Familiar look and feel as original file server
  • Whole office offline access, great for building sites with no Internet and locations with little internet
  • GDPR compliant Security
  • In Cloud Antivirus protection
  • Integrates with various authentication engines such as Office 365 for Single sign on and single password
  • The easiest permission and security structures of all cloud data platforms but enterprise grade
  • Easiest sharing mechanisms shared securely without IT help and set up.

How Data Security benefits your business

Com-X’s Data Security Solutions offer a wide range of benefits for businesses.

With an advanced data security system:

  • Company information is secure and protected
  • Time and money are saved on development, support time and additional IT support
  • You can remain relaxed and confident that your data is safe
  • You can step back and focus on running and developing your business
Team comX Data Security


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To learn more about how to implement advanced Data Security and Protection in your business, get in touch with Com-X today!

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