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Trends in Ransomware Whitepaper 2022

State of Ransomware 2022

The Prevalence of Ransomware is Increasing.

At Com-X our customers have seen significant increases in Ransomware attacks in 2022. Ransomware is a type of malicious software (malware) that can makes your computer or its files unusable.

The State of Ransomware in 2022

Our partners at Sophos recently released a whitepaper on the state of ransomware in 2022.

The report summarises the impact of ransomware on 5,600 mid-sized organisations in 31 countries, with 965 sharing details of ransomware payments.  The report also includes statistics on ransomware attack numbers, how often data is encrypted, and how much data that victims were able to recover.

Download the report and gain valuable insights into the questions your business might be faced with in the event of a ransomware attack.

Click here to access the report.

Ransomware Report 2022 | Com-X and Sophos

Ransomware works by locking up or encrypting your files so that you can no longer use or access them, with the first symptoms of infection including:

  • Pop-up messages requesting funds or payment often in Bitcoin (ie a ransom note) to unlock files.
  • Your device login doesn’t work
  • When trying to open files a request for a password or a code appears
  • Files have moved or are not in their usual folders or locations.
  • File names or icons have changed, or files have unusual file extensions

Ransomware can infect devices in the same way as other malware or a virus. For example:

  • visiting unsafe or suspicious websites
  • opening emails or files from unknown sources
  • clicking on malicious links in email or on social media.
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