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VDI Consulting | Virtual Apps & Desktops

VDI Consulting, Virtual Apps & Desktops

Virtual Application, Desktop and VDI Consulting & Setup services

Every business needs to have a simple and effective way for their staff to work remotely.

Perhaps you have staff in one office who need to run an application hosted in another office. Perhaps your business is migrating Desktop services to the Cloud. Perhaps your entire team works from home, either locally or across the globe. Regardless of your unique situation, our VDI consulting services will help get your business running smoothly with Virtual Apps and Desktops

At TeamCOM-X, we have extensive experience in virtual apps and desktops across many vendors, with customers of all types and sizes. VDI consulting, design & implementation is one of our core skills.

Virtual Application, Desktop and VDI Consulting & Setup services

Technical Information

At Com-X, our VDI and Remote Desktop team are experts in both Citrix and Parallels RAS and can provide deep experience and skills for designing and implementing your next virtual app or desktop project.

Technical Information - VDI Consulting

Our virtual application, desktop and VDI services include:

  • Fast setup of High Fidelity Remote Access Solutions for your staff
  • Cloud migrations for virtual desktop and application services.
  • Establishment of new virtual desktop, application and VDI services on-premise or in the Cloud.
  • Infrastructure Assessments for existing deployments or VDI or Remote Applications.
  • Staff augmentation for Virtual App and Desktop management during staff holidays or for specific deployment projects.
  • Enterprise Mobility and MDM consulting services.

Citrix and Parallels RAS Optimisation Services

Virtual desktops, applications and VDI can be challenging to set up and difficult to keep optimised as months and years pass after the initial deployment. Often, these systems need periodic tuning to make sure user experience continues to be positive. Otherwise, like any Windows PC, performance can slow over time.

While VDI can be managed in-house, it tends to chew up valuable time, money and resources that could be spent elsewhere in the business. Working with a VDI consultant is a great way to ensure you’re making the most of your IT budget while giving your employees a streamlined system to access data, communicate and complete tasks.

Citrix and Parallels RAS Optimisation Services - VDI Consulting

At Com-X, we work with our customers to assess and remediate Citrix and Parallels RAS deployments, including cloud migration.

We also provide a roadmap to optimise the services without the burden of ongoing, heavy-duty maintenance tasks.

In addition to our standard consultancy services, our ongoing VDI consulting and management services provide expertise for the management and maintenance of our customers Citrix and Parallels RAS environments to ensure your customers get the best out of the system.

Ongoing VDI consulting and management services

To learn more about how to implement a Virtual Desktops, applications and VDI consulting for your business, get in touch with Com-X today!

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