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Managed Cloud Services

Managed Cloud Services | Managed Cloud Provider

Today’s workplaces are well aware of the necessity of the Cloud when it comes to file sharing and collaboration.

We’re no longer storing our company data on hard drives, which take up space, are expensive, and are vulnerable to data loss. The Cloud allows businesses to have a single data centre where all files, applications and data are stored that can be accessed remotely.

TeamComX offers Managed Cloud Services to businesses. This takes the pressure off the business owner and IT Department, allowing more time, space and money to dedicate to running growing the business.

Team ComX Endpoint security - Managed Cloud Services

What are Managed Cloud Services?

A Managed Cloud Service allows businesses to fully utilise Cloud computing without having to manage all the software, data and security in-house.

Working with a Managed Cloud Provider, you’re able to take a step back and focus on running your business while the Cloud runs efficiently in the background.

Our Managed Cloud Services are also highly secure, so you can be confident that your business information is protected.

Team ComX - Managed Cloud Services

We work collaborative with your business

Switching to a Managed Cloud Service can yield excellent results when it comes to efficiency, productivity and business growth. In order to make the most of this, we believe in that collaboration is key. We want to make sure we completely understand your business’ needs and goals so that we can set up and manage a system that works for you.

Working flexibly is easier than ever

Having company data stored on the cloud makes it easier than ever for organisations to have remote workers. Whether your whole team is based at home, you have multiple offices all over the world, or you just want a more flexible workspace, Managed Cloud Services are a great solution.

Your data protection is our priority

In addition to providing Managed Cloud Services, TeamComX are experts in data security. We understand that your company data is invaluable and should be protected at all costs. By working with us as your Managed Cloud Consultants, you can be confident that your information is in safe hands.

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How a Managed Cloud Service Provider benefits your business

TeamComX’s Managed Cloud Services offer a wide range of benefits for businesses.

  • Reduced costs as there’s no need to hire and train new employees to manage the Cloud for you
  • Workplaces are more efficient and more collaborative
  • You can be confident that your company data is safe and secure
  • Data is stored offsite, so is protected in the case of a disaster
Team ComX X-Digital Workplace

To learn more about how to implement a Secure Digital Workspace in your business, get in touch with TeamComX today!

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