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Seven Ways to Enable Secure Remote Working

Seven Ways to Enable Secure Remote Working

Working remotely and from devices of choice has become increasingly popular among employees, as it provides flexibility and assists in creating a healthy work-life balance. It’s imperative for IT departments to securely deliver apps and desktops seamlessly, while still allowing for excellent user experience.

Easily access applications and desktops

Uses signature definitions to detect threats by detecting an absolute match of the threats code. The caveat on this approach is that attackers can easily bypass signatures by mutating, obfuscating, or otherwise changing up the code in their malware

Outstanding user experience

Local workspace–like experiences are provided on any device, keeping employees’ productivity high no matter the device they use. Native touch gestures such as swipe, drag, tap to click, and zoom are used with any Windows application on mobile devices. Switch between different devices while on the move, while still allowing for consistent and intuitive user experience.

Reinforced Data Security

End-users do need to worry about the safety of their work data as we secure corporate assets from data leakage and malicious activity. Utilising highly granular permission policies, multifactor authentication, and other tools helps organisations secure applications and data in multi-cloud environments.

Monitoring and Reporting

IT admins need to know when performance levels are not up to standard, this is why monitoring the IT infrastructure is so important – end-users need to have constant access to their apps and desktops. Our monitoring and reporting service transforms raw data into visual reports that show traffic and resource usage across the entire IT infrastructure.

Extended Security to Apps in the Cloud

These days employees often use SaaS applications. The security we offer extends IT control to such apps by restricting user actions, for example, when using the clipboard. Businesses can avoid any unwanted data leakage from published applications by disabling copy and paste on the clipboard, reducing the risk that sensitive data (such as credit card details) can be stolen.

Centralised Management Console

From a single pane of glass, IT can perform all available tasks, such as deploy servers, publish applications and desktops, monitor resources, manage connected devices, provide helpdesk assistance, and define security policies – providing a wide overview of the IT infrastructure and simplified management.

Kiosk Mode for Added Security

Administrators can convert Windows devices running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 into secure kiosk-like modes without replacing the operating system. The kiosk mode limits users from changing system settings or installing new applications, providing the administrator with a higher level of control over connected devices.

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